Are you missing out on better clinical quality or higher reimbursements?

QualworX provides a detailed analytics and reporting solution that enables quick insight into clinical performance and operations. For over ten years, QualworX has delivered proven benefits to healthcare organizations by enabling improvements in quality of care and efficiency, in addition to providing tools to easily complete regulatory submissions.

With the QualworX reporting system, healthcare organizations can equip themselves with the right tools necessary to drive significant improvements in clinical quality, while maximizing financial performance and reimbursements at the same time.

Use QualworX to perform quality reporting and analytics from your existing EHR

Unified Reporting
Simplified Tracking
Risk Management
Infection Prevention
Regulatory Compliance
Detailed Metrics & Reporting

Key Features

Incident Reporting

  • Real-time event tracking and alert system
  • Compliance management
  • Facility and provider-level reporting
  • Surveillance and risk management tools

Quality Management

  • Physician quality rating and analysis
  • Patient and staff satisfaction surveys
  • Integrated inpatient, behavioral health, and ASC quality measure submission to regulatory agencies
  • Fully-integrated to CyramedX EHR

Simplified Administration

  • Unified reporting across disparate clinical and operational systems
  • Robust library of standard reports
  • Custom reports
  • Graphical reporting and executive dashboards
  • Cloud-based with 24/7 secure access
  • Low-cost, pay as you grow pricing

Let QualworX help with

CMS ASC Quality Measures / ASCQR

QualworX will help your ASC maintain a high standard of care for your patients while maximizing Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements. You’ll make it look easy!

Centralize and simplify your

ASCA Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey

Leverage QualworX to help you collect and report on the Volume, Quality Measures, Operational Measures, Outcome of Care Measures, Complication Measures, and Financial Measures of the survey.

Why do our clients love QualworX?
  • Unified Reporting – I can integrate and analyze across multiple data sources including financial, clinical, quality, and physician/staff data sets.
  • Simplified Tracking – It’s easy to report on the quality and appropriateness of clinical care including peer reviews, OPPE/FPPE specialty-specific reports, and various other quality improvement activities.
  • Risk Management – We can electronically submit data on adverse events, automate the referral process, and analyze our data to identify emerging patterns and issues of concern for risk incidents, patient compliments, and complaints.
  • Infection Prevention – The system lets me provide Infection Preventionists with easy-to-manage surveillance, data analysis, and reporting features.
  • Regulatory Reporting – I can easily track and report on CMS and state required quality measures. The QualworX team has years of experience in tracking and submitting quality measures to state and federal agencies.
  • Detailed Metrics & Reporting – It’s easy to quickly access the information I need from one of the many standardized reports or build our own ad hoc reports.