Introducing the CMFaX Online Fax Service

What is the CMFaX Online Fax Service?

Tired of scanning or the headaches involved with your old fax service? CyramedX now offers an affordable and secure online fax service that integrates directly with the CyramedX EHR system. This service is designed to be a low cost alternative to the landline-based systems most ASCs are using today and make it easy to send and receive faxes within a paperless environment.

How does the CMFaX Online Fax Service work?

  • Choose your own local fax number or port your existing number(s) when you sign up.
  • Faxes sent to your fax number will appear in your CyramedX EHR Fax Inbox, e-mail inbox, or separate file location as downloadable/printable PDFs.
  • Send faxes with the click of a button from within the CyramedX EHR system.

Why use the CMFaX Online Fax Service?

  • Send and receive faxes online with ease from within the CyramedX EHR system.
  • Reduce ongoing costs as separate fax hardware, software, and phone lines are no longer required.
  • Flat rate, predictable monthly pricing structure.
  • High-quality CyramedX support, based entirely within the USA.
  • Includes unlimited fax send/receive and unlimited storage at no additional cost.
  • Incoming fax calls are never busy, meaning you will not miss a fax again!
  • Fully HIPAA-compliant via SSL/TLS encryption and full activity audit capabilities.
  • Capacity to scale to unlimited fax numbers and millions of faxes a month.

What’s included with the CMFaX Online Fax Service?

  • Unlimited inbound and outbound fax service within the U.S. and Canada starting at $99 per month.
  • Completely integrated into the CyramedX EHR system for easy filing and attachment to patient charts.
  • Virtual fax numbers can be routed to either group or personal inboxes within the CyramedX EHR, and they may also be routed to specific network directories or e-mail addresses.
  • Easily compose and send faxes directly within the CyramedX EHR system.

How do you get started with the CMFaX Online Fax Service?

Contact the CyramedX Support Team to begin the registration and fax number creation/transfer process today at (800) 595-9373 or