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How quickly can we implement CyramedX?

CyramedX effectively replicates the look and feel of your current paper based system providing an environment that is instantly recognizable to its user and is therefore very easy to train learn and implement. CyramedX is the quickest “to-live” product in the market today and our go-live process is measured in days rather than weeks and months.

What if I have no experience with computers?

No problem! Many if not most of our users have only very basic computer knowledge. CyramedX so closely resembles the natural workflow in a physicians practice as well as the physical look and feel of a paper chart that even those folks who have never touched a computer before will pick up the basics of our system in mere minutes.

Can I even fax forms like prescriptions directly from the Patient’s chart?

Yes CyramedX allows you to fill out prescriptions with a few clicks and fax them while you’re documenting the encounter.

Can I send and receive faxes with CyramedX?

Yes CyramedX has full in and outbound faxing capabilities.

What ROI can be expected of CyramedX?

Because CyramedX has such a quick “to-live” time and is so easy to learn and adopt it provides very fast ROI in sharp contrast to competitor systems that tend to slow down the physician and therefore patient throughput. We suggest having one of our specialist conduct a site study/evaluation for you, to show you exactly how the system’s ROI will perform in your facility.

Needs more detail re:
paper chart cost savings
records storage cost savings

Technical Questions

Can CyramedX be deployed in a hosted environment or is it client-server based?

Both! CyramedX can be deployed either using the client-server model whereby you own and manage your database and hardware infrastructure fully or, you can deploy CyramedX in a cloud hosted environment via a monthly subscription model avoiding the cost & hassles of maintaining your own server/storage hardware infrastructure.

Is the system fully HIPAA compliant?

Yes, CyramedX’s activity log for each patent’s file keeps track of staff activity while working in the patient’s record. You will always have a record of who did what, when, where, and how. The log displays staff print, fax, edit, form add, task, message, as well as any copying activity and much more. Call or e-mail us to obtain a full list of built-in security features and protocols.

Surgeons and Administrators

Can I dictate into the patient chart rather than type?

Absolutely! You can dictate directly into the patient chart via our own built-in proprietary dictation module or Dragon Naturally Speaking to avoid all or part of related transcription charges.