Our History

When we set out in the early 2000s to develop our ASC-focused Digital Patient Chart, Simplify ASC EHR, we had a few lessons in mind.

We saw that many early EHRs on the market were inflexible systems with an unfamiliar look and feel, foreign to the end-user. None of the processes or screens in existing EHRs looked or acted like the paper-based systems they replaced. Physicians and clinical staff literally had to learn how to chart all over again. So we set out to build a product that would alleviate those pain points and provide a fully customizable solution with all the benefits of an EHR, without the disruption.

Simplify ASC EHR utilizes your existing tried-and-true workflows instead of replacing them. It allows a high level of customization thanks to our proprietary Forms Under Glass technology. Our Digital Patient Chart approach allows data entry through custom designed digital versions of your facility’s forms that visually duplicate the look and feel of the chart you and your team already know, preserving and embedding your workflows into the system.

As a result, over the years Simplify ASC EHR has enjoyed tremendous success in a wide variety of facilities including a 95% retention rate at Ambulatory Surgery Centers. We attribute our 100% success rate in implementing Simplify ASC and its 95% ASC retention rate to the radically different approach to the idea of digitized records.

We’ve rethought what it means to provide an EHR. We think you’ll agree that our Digital Patient Chart concept is an ideal way to decrease inefficiencies, reduce paper-related costs, and improve the quality of care at your ASC.

Our Vision

Simplify ASC  is a nimble, forward-thinking software development company intent on changing the way EHRs are used in the ASC and increasing the level of value they provide. We have always taken the view that compliant EHR/EMR systems can in fact be developed to be easy to use for the end-user while offering a full array of modern functionality. User-friendliness and advanced levels of functionality in our view should be complementary rather than mutually exclusive.

Simply put, our breakthrough product Simplify ASC has finally been able to reconcile the need for advanced clinical functionality with the need for ease of use by the end-user. The way Simplify ASC achieves this is through the use of a Graphic User Interface that makes all the screens instantly recognizable to its user. No need for disruptive changes to your workflow!