Save time and money by switching to a digital patient chart

With Simplify ASC solutions, you can grow your center while increasing patient safety and satisfaction

Simplify ASC Digital Patient Chart

ASC EHR solution developed specifically for the Ambulatory Surgery Center Market. It replicates real-world established processes and workflows in multi-specialty or single specialty ASC’s thereby dramatically reducing the time required for implementation.

 Clinical Quality Reporting

Monitor and report on clinical quality, infection control, incident reporting, satisfaction and more. Seamlessly integrates with existing technology or manual processes for rapid quality measure development.

Who is Simplify ASC?

Simplify ASC is a nimble, forward-thinking technology company intent on changing the way EHR and Practice Management systems are used in the ASC and maximizing the level of value they provide.

Simply put, our breakthrough product Simplify ASC reconciles the need for advanced clinical functionality with the need for ease of use by the end-user. The way Simplify ASC achieves this is through the use of a digitized patient chart that makes all the screens instantly recognizable to its user. No need for disruptive changes to your workflow!

  • Why do our customers love Simplify ASC?

    “The transition from paper to EHR was much easier than we anticipated because Simplify ASC was able to make it look and work so much like our paper forms!” -D. Freeman, RN, CNOR

  • A Proven Track Record

    To date over 95% of our installed ASC clients have chosen to retain Simplify ASC EHR over the years, proving the success of solutions offered by Simplify ASC.

  • Speed of implementation

    Our innovative approach allows our team to convert your existing workflow into a digitized experience that can be operationalized in weeks instead of months.


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