Using an EHR at your ASC doesn’t have to mean being a slave to a computer on a heavy rolling cart! Simplify ASC EHR for the ASC runs on tablet PCs and allows you to use digitized version of your existing paper charts thanks to our proprietary “Forms Under Glass” technology.

Did you know…

That an EHR can actually save you money?

ASCs spend up to $7 on materials to build a paper chart. Multiply that by your annual case count and we’re talking about a considerable expense.

Add the cost of time and labor for your office staff to assemble, retrieve, disassemble, and reassemble (to fax or copy and mail) those paper charts. What does it cost to pay your office staff to handle a chart over its life, and how much does that add up to over the course of a year? Simplify ASC eliminates this costly inefficiency.

Imagine charting concurrently, never having to search for a wayward chart, eliminating dual entry for data needed in multiple places. You could find ways to increase case volume. Simplify ASC helps you manage the day better.

How much do you spend on medical records storage and shredding? A Simplify ASC digital record doesn’t require either, of course. You can even scan your old charts into Simplify ASC and eliminate that cost once and for all!

Contact us for a Net Savings Analysis customized for your ASC. See how much you’ll save with Simplify ASC!

Ever wondered…

How much time could you be saving?

A typical ASC spends about 5 minutes building a paper chart. That’s an entire business day per month for every 100 cases!

It takes even longer each time a charts is disassembled and later reassembled in order to copy and mail or fax.

Plus, you’ll never lose a digital chart and can always access it, even if someone else is charting at the same time.

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  • Digitize your patient chart

    Use digitized versions of your existing paper charts thanks to our proprietary “Forms Under Glass” technology

  • Reporting on the digital patient chart

    Your team decides which fields should be discrete data to be leveraged by reporting and analytics

  • Fast and Easy Implementations

    Get all the cost and time-savings benefits of an EHR without the hassle of having to change your workflow or learn another yet another convoluted software. In fact, once your paper forms have been recreated and approved, we can train your entire staff and go live in just a matter of days.

  • Easy Integration

    Thanks to our custom HL7 interface engine, we can establish bi-directional integration with any other HIT solution you have.

“Forms Under Glass”

What does that actually look like? Check out these examples from ASCs already using Simplify ASC EHR or contact us for a free sample conversion of one of your own chart forms.

We transform your paper into digitized forms that anyone can use instantly

Custom Digital Patient Chart
Customizable Reports

Integrated eFax Tool
Procedure Capture
Concurrent Charting
Required Field Tracking
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